BlaBla Media is a studio for professional production of voice recordings and voiceover services. Our mission is to provide clients with superior quality voice services, with carefully crafted production that will help them achieve their goals.

Here at the BlaBla Media Studio, we are committed to provide our clients with the best service, personalized and tailored to your specific needs. In our studio, we use modern software and professional equipment to make your projects sound flawless. If you need a voiceover for a TV or radio commercial, an animated film, a video game, an audiobook, a museum guide, or any other purpose, we're here to help. Regardless of whether you need a serious, authoritative voice, a softer, emotional voice, or something in between, our studio is ready to work with you to achieve the ideal solution. We are committed to achieving long-term cooperation with our clients.

In addition to providing voices, other audio/video production services are available, as well as studio rental or studio, green screen or field recording and photography services.


BlaBla Media was founded by Slaviša Repac, known as the "Lidl voice" (in Serbia), who has over 10 years of experience in providing voiceovers for wide variety of purposes: e-learning, corporate narration, audio books, advertisements, promotions, announcements, telephony, video narration for travel (touristic), educational and informative videos, guided meditation, video games, dubbing cartoons and more. During his rich career, he collaborated with numerous domestic and foreign clients and brands such as Lidl, DeFacto, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Buzz, GIZ GmbH, UV Dance, Soccerbet, Culture Circle, Serbian Games Association, Gamescon...